Xbox One X’s GPU Is On Par With An AMD Radeon RX580 According To Voofoo Studios

Microsoft’s mid-generation upgrade, the Xbox One X, launched last month and the system received tons of positive reviews from major to small outlets. It was an impressive launch and the console exceeded expectations when it came to its form factor, overall hardware performance in 4K, and its ability to be discrete at high temperatures.

Speaking to GamingBolt, Voofoo Studios stated that an AMD RX580 is the closest GPU when compared to the Xbox One X. “An AMD RX580 is probably the closest GPU in terms of real world performance to compare to the Xbox One X,” the studio representative said. “It is hard to find a fair competitor, as the Xbox One X’s CPU does bottleneck its GPU somewhat so it could maybe perform better in a different use case. Also hardware pricing in the PC space does fluctuate a lot. But in terms of real world performance the RX580 is on par with the Xbox One X.”

Though the AMD RX580 is not as close as Nvidia’s GTX 1070, it is impressive to witness a console with all that compressed hardware to show significant power. With its cheap price tag, you can already experience high-quality 4K gaming in your living room.

The Xbox One X is already available for $499.99.

Source: GamingBolt