Xbox Series X Makes First Public Appearance in Germany

Xbox Series X

Three new images showcase the upcoming next-generation console Xbox Series X that was shown in public recently.

The images were taken in Saturn Germany at the Xperion die Saturn E-Arena. The event was officially opened up to the public starting on Aug. 17 and will end by Saturday, Aug. 22. The images came from All Game Delta and it finally shows how the next-gen console would look like.

The console was encased in glass on the show floor. The images showcased it in different angles, which pretty much show everyone what to expect. Well, it is what the online images Microsoft has shown to the public a few months ago. It is a tall, rectangular object and surprisingly the green thing on top of the console is real. Some thought, including myself, that green cover was just photoshopped there or it was just the lighting. Guess not.

The back side tells a lot. There will be several ports for the USB and probably for the HDMI cable. There is also the storage expansion, and probably the LAN port and the power cable.

The front side is quite bare, with only one USB port, a power button, and the disc drive with its eject button. Nothing much else.

The Xbox Series X will launch this coming holiday season.

Source: All Games Delta

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