Xbox Series X Loading Times Way Faster Than Xbox One X By Large Margin

Several gaming publications have already gotten their hands on the Xbox Series X and gave out their impressions on it.

Xbox Series X

One of the most significant changes the media outlets could notice comparing the Xbox Series X from the Xbox One X console was the load times. Twitter user @Nibellion was the one to collect such feedbacks from the reviewers. Do not that they only tested backwards-compatible games due to the embargo.

According to the image attached to the tweet, it revealed that several popular and heavy games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Control, Final Fantasy XV, and The Outer Worlds have loaded their games in mere seconds. Red Dead Redemption 2 only loaded 38 seconds for Xbox Series X while the Xbox One X loaded it for 2 minutes and 8 seconds. Final Fantasy XV took only 13 seconds to load while the Xbox One X needed a minute and 11 seconds.

Due to the SSD internal storage of the Xbox Series X, the loading speeds definitely are faster. This will possibly make the bigger next-gen games load quite easily as well.

Xbox Series X/S is coming on Nov. 10.