Xbox Series X Motherboard Divided into Two to Deliver the Most Efficient Cooling System Possible

Xbox Series X is the next-generation console system and the primary asset for Microsoft against Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5. Some might have mocked that it looks like a mini-computer tower case, but there is actually a reason for such a design. While one reason of the design was for air circulation or airflow, the other one is actually about the motherboard.

Xbox Series X Director of Program Management Jason Ronald shares the reason for dividing the console’s motherboard into two.

First off, he clarified that the upcoming next-gen console will have a power supply. The original Xbox One had a big power brick, which was hard to carry, but this was rectified with the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, which integrated the power supply inside the consoles. Then we go back to the Xbox Series X, which Ronald said with clarity. “It is inside, there is no brick, there is literally a cable that you plug into the wall.”

Now the problem here is that this could cause problems with heating if not done right. The director assured everyone that the cooling department is under control. In fact, the genius of it all was the new design they did for making it possible.

Ronal stated:

I’m super proud of the mechanical engineering team and the design they came up with. They really designed the Xbox Series X to have the most efficient cooling system possible. This is how we are able to deliver the tremendous amount of power that we are delivering in such a small form factor with a single fan. There really was a moment of inspiration when they chose to divide the motherboard.

This was a first time for Microsft and maybe for everyone. Xbox Series X will have two motherboards in order to make it cooler with the power supply housed inside it. It did pose a lot of challenges for the development team, but they were inspired with this new innovation. They never thought this was really possible, but here we are now with a working next-gen console system.

Xbox Series X will launch in the holidays 2020.

Interview Source: Xataka

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