New Reports Claim Microsoft is Working on Smaller Xbox Series X Console

New rumor about this upcoming new XSX!

Xbox Series X

A new report is claiming that Microsoft is now working on a smaller version of the Xbox Series X console making it more efficient.

Tech Journalist Brad Sams believes that Microsoft is now working on the smaller version of the XSX console. He claims that the company is working on a revision of the console’s chip, but clarifies it will unlikely make any improvements to the performance in games. He even said that if there are upgraded chips that will be made in the future, these will still not make any changes because it will still use the same blueprint design and chassis, but it will be more efficient. Efficiency will be the only thing that changes.

There is a rumor though of a mysterious Xbox console with a codename Keystone. Sams clarified that while there will be alternations to the chips, the other substantial change to the hardware itself will only be its size since he claims the future version will be of a smaller scale.

It would be interesting that the next versions of the Xbox Series X will be smaller than the original one and could even be closer to the Xbox Series S. Microsoft has not made any comments to confirm these reports though.

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