Microsoft Removes Online Checks for Xbox One Discs Playing on Xbox Series X

Plus 1 for the Xbox team!

Microsoft has silently made changes to its online checks while playing Xbox One games on an Xbox Series X.

Players who have a collection of Xbox One discs that are waiting to play them on their Xbox Series X due to its popular feature will not have to worry anymore about DRM issues. They can now play them smoothly even if they are going to play them offline.

In the past, players would need to go online in order to play their Xbox One games on the Xbox Series X console due to its strict DRM. If there is a power outage in your town, tough luck on you because you will not be able to play those games and will have to make do with Series X/S titles.

The one to confirm this recently was Xbox Engineering Lead Eden Marie who replied on a post on Twitter. The team determined, while collecting data since the launch of the Xbox Series consoles, that the online compatibility check was not needed at all. This then led them to finally remove the pesky feature and let everyone enjoy their games peacefully.

This is great news for Xbox fans as this is a small step to making the console more consumer-friendly. Now, if only the PS5 could do the same on all games without fees.