Xbox Series X Rumored To Have New June Event Giving Closer Look

A certain report states that game company Microsoft is already planning to have an event this coming June and will give everyone a closer look at the Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X might get close ups soon

Game publication Venture Beat claimed that Microsoft is planning to have another event during the second week of June. The report stated that the company is going to go for June 10, but it is also possible that June 9 is in the cards. The broadcast could even give the fans and interested onlookers a closer look at the new Xbox console system.

The showcase might share some insight on how the nex-gen console can be interacted or there could be features that are new compared to the Xbox One. Many fans are very curious of its features, so this could be the best chance to see it in action.

There have been other reports that Microsoft might reveal what the Lockhart system is all about soon. This could be revealed in this coming rumored June event. Some say that Lockhart will be the cheaper Xbox console, but with many key next-gen features like the SSD.

Venture Beat’s report did clarify that it cannot confirm that Lockhart will show up at the upcoming event, or will it even be sold in the market.

So take everything here with a grain of salt. We will just have to wait for official announcements from Microsoft.

Source: Venture Beat