Xbox Series X/S Supply Shortage Expected to Extend to Next Year

According to a recent report, Microsoft has confirmed that the supply shortage of the Xbox Series X/S will continue to extend to probably next year.

Xbox Series X and S

In a recent Jefferies Interactive Entertainment Conference, Microsoft Chief Financial Officer Tim Stuart has confirmed that the shortage of supply for the next-gen Xbox consoles will continue a while longer. He revealed that the shortage will continue into post-holiday quarter. This meant it will be the company Q3 while in regular calendars first quarter. Fortunately, by fourth quarter, the supply chain will now be in full speed.

This was also confirmed by Xbox Head Phil Spencer a while back in an interview. He apologized to the fans because it is difficult to do so right now with the pandemic and all. He admits that the demand is just too high and the manufacturers are doing the best they can to keep at it.

For those that are patient enough to wait, mid next year would be a good chance to snag the Xbox Series X/S without any shortages. It will difficult to do so right now.

Source: Seeking Alpha via VGC