Xbox Series X Smoking Videos Debunked as Fake

Several videos of the Xbox Series X have been appearing recently online that have been showing smoke coming out of its vent. Fortunately, someone has already debunked these videos as fakes.

Many fans were concerned that the Series X would have major heating issues when it launched. There have been cases in previous Xbox consoles and that has traumatized the gaming community for a while now, which is why they are more careful when it comes to day one launches. When these videos appeared, many were already having nervous breakdowns and posted online that they might have to hold out on purchasing the next-gen Xbox console.

Turns out that these videos were staged and someone has been trolling the Xbox gaming community.

The Verge Senior Editor Tom Warren debunked these videos by showing everyone what really happened. Apparently, someone has been using vape and blowing the smoke into the bottom of the Xbox Series X. Then to troll the fanboys, make a video out of it, cut the part where the troller blew the smoke, and then post it on Twitter.

So everyone, relax. Your Xbox Series X pre-orders are safe and will not burn out.

Xbox Series X is now available.