Xbox Summer Showcase Coming Back to Los Angeles in 2023

Maybe it's coming to E3 this year or hosts its own.

Microsoft has recently confirmed that an Xbox Summer Showcase will be hosted soon in Los Angeles later this year in Los Angeles.

The news was revealed by the end of the blog post summing up the game announcements from the Xbox Developer_Direct that happened last night. The showcase revealed the official release dates of five upcoming games and new content with important details like gameplay mechanics, improvements, features, and more.

Xbox Summer Showcase 2023 Currently Light on Details

The small announcement did not have much in the way of other detail, but it said it would be a return of their yearly showcase. This suggests that the Xbox Summer Showcase will be coming back in June 2023 which is around the same time as the upcoming E3 2023 event.

If the Xbox Summer Showcase will not be part of E3 2023 then it will be joining Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest this year. Keighley promised that this year the showcase will have a physical location this time around.

xbox summer showcase

While both have not announced their plans yet, Sony and Nintendo have not hosted physical presentations at E3 for years now and this could also happen this year. Xbox, however, has joined E3 shows many times now, but there could be an exception.

That aside, Microsoft could host its own show if they want or be part of another showcase.