Xbox Wireless Controller Astral Purple Officially Announced

Microsoft officially announces the Xbox Wireless Controller Astral Purple.

The newest addition to the classic Xbox controller lineup is the Xbox Wireless Controller Astral Purple. It has a rich purple color that looks regal and would look good on the collection. The dark purple theme is also applied to both the thumbsticks and buttons with a black matte finish on the hybrid D-Pad, bumpers, and triggers. It then is completed with a white back case that results in the front of the controller.

The D-Pad’s hybrid design offers an accurate yet familiar glide, perfect for navigating complex gaming worlds with precision. It has textured grips on the bumpers, triggers, and back case allow for better grip and the 3.5mm jack to enable chat with a compatible headset. It can connect to the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles, PC, mobile phones, and tablets. It also has up to 40 hours of battery life.

The Xbox Wireless Controller Astral purple is now available for pre-order today in select Xbox markets worldwide for $64.99 USD.

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