XCOM 2 DLC Pack: Anarchy’s Children

Greetings, Commander. We’re excited to reveal more info today on Anarchy’s Children, the first DLC pack coming to XCOM 2 on March 17.

Anarchy’s Children features over 100 new exotic customization options for your soldiers, including new hair styles, face paints, armor, lower face props, decals, helmets, masks and more. Your soldiers will strike fear into ADVENT and its alien overlords with menacing tactical styles that run the gamut from post-apocalyptic to the downright deranged.

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If you don’t already own the Reinforcement Pack, which includes Anarchy’s Children and two future pieces of DLC, you can purchase Anarchy’s Children individually on Steam when it releases next week. If you have already purchased the Reinforcement Pack, do not also purchase Anarchy’s Children on its own, as you will be charged for it.

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