XDefiant to be Ubisoft Store PC Exclusive at Launch

To play, players will need the Ubisoft Connect app.


Game company Ubisoft has recently given an official statement in regards to a certain exclusivity for video game XDefiant on the Ubisoft Store.

Players who are planning to play the game on PC will have to get it day one on the Ubisoft Store because it will be exclusive there. Other platforms like Xbox and PlayStation consoles will not have that kind of exclusivity.

A Ubisoft representative told media outlet PC Gamer this:

As of now, the game will be on Ubisoft Connect once it’s fully out. There are discussions on other stores having the game post-launch, but nothing has been determined as of yet.

Players will have to use the Ubisoft Connect app to play the game. The statement does say that after launch, the game company might add more avenues later on. It might need to have Ubisoft Connect run on the background though just like other titles like Assassins’ Creed Valhalla and the like.

XDefiant will be free-to-play and will be exclusive on the Ubisoft Store for the PC version at launch. The Closed Test will start on August 5, 2021.