Zanki Zero Showcases More Information For Exploration And Story

Zanki Zero survivors

Game developer Spike Chunsoft recently released some new information of its upcoming JRPG titled Zanki Zero: Last Beginning. It focused on exploration, story, and more.

Zanki Zero exploration of ruins

Spike Chunsoft revealed that the upcoming JRPG has some exploration of the ruins that are available in its world. Each chapter introduces different points of views from different characters. The ruins that will be explored are also relevant to the story of that character. It will explain important information of those characters including their past traumas.

Discover residents in ruins

The ruins will have survivors inside, but these are not actual people. These are warped monsters that are called creatures and are hostile. Players will have to avoid these creatures because they aim to kill them.

The game will have other several features as well such as a door that can be opened by all eight characters surviving, floors having pressure switches, and more. The game will launch in Japan on July 15. It will be available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Check out the trailer here:

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