Zenless Zone Zero Announced by HoYoVerse

New IP from HoYoVerse revealed!

zenless zone zero

HoYoVerse has announced a brand-new IP called Zenless Zone Zero.

According to the developer, this title will be an action RPG and will be set in a whole new universe. The story features these eccentric characters that live in dual identities and there are two realities with one peaceful and the other has a warped reality. Players will be exploring certain locations called the Hollows together with friends and fight through a changing labyrinth. They can also take on commissions.

The game will have various factions and it is the players’ job to discover them to uncover a big conspiracy happening in the shadows. According to the official website, the game will be set in a metropolis called New Eridu.

Aside from the story, interested users can now sign up for the closed beta test. It will only be available to iOS and PC users for now so Android users will have to wait. The date for the closed beta test to begin will be announced in the future. For now, users can just sign up to make an account via their HoYoVerse account.

Zenless Zone Zero is still in development. It will be available on PC, Android, and iOS.