Zenless Zone Zero Launches Officially Worldwide

Z.Z.Z is officially out now

Zenless Zone Zero Launch Trailer Featured Image

For many months, fans have been receiving notifications and trailers from Mihoyo about the arrival of their latest game, Zenless Zone Zero. With many high expectations and promises, fans are anxiously waiting for its release. Luckily, good news has spread as the game has officially launched and fans are now ecstatic about it including me.

Zoneless Zone Zero Official Launch Trailer

Zenless Zone Zero is a free-to-play action role-playing game in a post-apocalyptic future known as New Eridu. Dark mutants known as The Ethereals have started rampaging throughout the world by traveling through portals called Hollows. Because of this horrific event, a group of survivors have grouped together to prevent such destruction.

In Z.Z.Z, players will assume the role of a Proxy who will help others explore hostile territories. As they continue to advance, they will be able to recruit new members to their party and earn wonderful rewards that will be beneficial in surviving. Combine skills and abilities and master the art of counterattacking enemies with precision and careful planning. The greater the level of a character’s skills, the more damage they can do.

Zenless Zone Zero is officially out and free to download on the IOS, Android, PC, and PlayStation 5. For more info about the game, players can check out their main website or go to Hoyolab to see what kind of updates and notifications they can receive as well.