With two more days for the upcoming release of one of PS4’s known exclusives Ratchet & Clank on April 12, the public is hot for reviews on the game.  We can see reviews coming out from some websites. However, since we requested a review code for the game, according to Insomniac’s PR in response to our follow up email, any reviews published currently are either fake or coming from non-publisher/developer code sources as their embargo has not yet been lifted.

We haven’t received our review code yet since PR didn’t also receive the codes as well for distribution to press.

Ratchet & Clank is a popular franchise that is developed by Insomniac Games and is a reboot of the series that will be out for the PS4 system this April 12. Also, you can check their upcoming movie that is tied-in the game on April 29, 2016.

Sirus Gaming’s Editor-In-Chief: If they actually did receive a code for the game, as part of the press they could have at least followed the embargo of the reviews. Good “credibility” is something all press websites should maintain.

[UPDATE as of April 10, 2016 5:14AM Eastern Time]

I have discovered that the game was released early in India as the game is already available for download. This happened to The Division before. We can say that Sony should fix their release date system on their store to avoid misunderstanding for all other gamers who are waiting for the game. India is part of the EU release date which is on April 20, 2016.
by: Lexuzze Tablante | Editor-in-Chief

  • Frdjck

    Retail copy are sometimes released before their release date in some country (middle-east come to mind). Maybe the reviews come from someone that got hold of one of these copy?

    • Lexuzze Tablante

      We just discovered that the game’s release in India was earlier than the actual release date of the game this April 12 for NA.

  • Mohit Bhatia

    Lol street date is already broken. Anyone willing to review can arrange a copy.

  • popo123

    Many have already received the game early. I’m sure some of those reviews aren’t from people who are part of the press but are just gamers who blog and reviews games as a hobby and not a profession. If I bought the game early and finished it and wanted to review it, I will, whether there’s an embargo or not.

    • Lexuzze Tablante

      If it’s a retail copy there’s no embargoes when you bought the game and if you want to review it. It’s only for those who were provided by the PR and reviews are not allowed to be out until the embargoes are lifted. But yes, if you bought the game you are not restricted by any embargoes to post screenshots or reviews anytime you want/

  • jacksjus

    This is a very telling article here if you pay attention. So what this means is that all reviewers will basically have 24 hours with the game before informing the public on their thoughts. Basically this means the reviewer will play a few levels before shouting 10/10.

    Thats exactly how user scores on metacritic play out. These kids play approximately 20 minutes and then shout 0/10 or 10/10.

    This just woke me up. Thanks for being so jealous of others having a possible copy that you reached out to the publisher and exposed some ish.

  • Larry Wright

    It’s called research. You should try it before posting jealous crap. The website that rated it a 9/10 actually said they had a copy of the game. It is sad that you can’t even understand that games get released before the embargo date and then to complain to Insomniac lmao. This is just another site who stoops to the lowest level just for hits. How in the heck you could even post that another review might be fake screams of butthurt and jealousy.

  • OC Guy

    Half the reviews of every game out there are probably fake… This is the internet. Anyone who takes what they read online too seriously, especially hobby sites needs to take a break from it all.


    middle-east is always getting leaked games before release date 🙂