LawBreakers set out to amaze the world with its competitive atmosphere and diverse sets of characters and game modes. Loved by many but not all, Boss Key Productions’ CEO and game director, Cliff Bleszinski, is happy for its successful launch on both the PC and PS4.

While not having it on Xbox One, Cliff said in an interview that the decision to go with the PS4 exclusively at launch was more of a “business” decision – he told Push Square.

“For us, it was strictly a business decision to go with the PS4 because of the install base. Microsoft…and I know the focus here is Sony, but that’s the other elephant in the room. They’re quickly fixing mistakes from the Xbox One’s launch and getting better and ramping up. We may be on Xbox one day, but for now, having a team of only 65 people, we had to pick one platform. Doesn’t mean we won’t necessarily be on other platforms eventually.”

Although it is a given fact that Xbox One has a smaller install base than the PS4, Cliff reassures that it doesn’t mean they won’t be on other platforms. In addition, it’s just that the development is too much for a 65-man studio according to Cliff.

Cliff also admitted that one of the challenges they got putting the game on PS4 was the consistent 60 frames-per-second. We can attest that in LawBreaker‘s current state, it’s mostly 60-frames but it is rather inconsistent.

“The challenges of putting it on PS4 was making sure the frame rate was a consistent 60, going back to the top of the interview and squashing that minor hitching. And it’s one thing that your average gamer may not be necessarily hardcore and may not see the frame rate difference or understand it, but it just feels better. It goes back to the argument of wanting 24 frames a second because it’s cinematic. It’s like, f*** off. You can have that in your cutscenes, but give me as high of a frame rate as I can get with 4K on PS4 Pro.”

With Cliff confirming that there will be tons of upcoming post-launch content; although he reiterated that he did not confirm any thing yet, he added one important note: a tenth role / character. While such games like Overwatch and Titanfall 2 getting new heroes and a brand new Titan, LawBreakers will also get its own additional character / role.

Well, I mean, I’m not confirming it right now, but I will tell you that we’ve shipped with nine initial classes. I’ve already played the tenth. That character’s in full production right now. Every Friday, the company gets together and I try to say a few inspiring words and a little bit of housekeeping for everybody. Production does a bit of housekeeping, but Tramell, the Art Director, shows up with what the art team’s been up to, and I’m already seeing skins for the various characters that have themes that people will be seeing in the coming months. You know how it is. We’re in a world where you launch a game or service, and with our price point and Stash Drops, we’re hoping people will keep coming back.

It is good to know that Cliff has already made plans for post-launch content for the players to have a reason to get back into its competitive shooter.

Sirus Gaming did a review of LawBreakers. Leif noted that “It’s a game where you can unwind and relax despite the chaos and frenzy that happens in game.” Read his full review here.

LawBreakers is already available on PC and PS4.

Source: Push Square

  • Jimmy DoneGood

    I can see why this game is failing now.

    • AuricGoldfinger

      Even if it comes to xbox, it may be too little, too late. Especially, considering the juggernaut that is PUBG being ported to xbox soon.

  • NeoMahi

    I’m actually a fan of console exclusives and I have my reasons, not that anyone cares but just to establish my point before everyone mindlessly starts taring me apart without thinking first but what Blezinski is saying is basically this: “We originally announced this game as a PC exclusive and then suddenly changed our minds and went with the PS4. Everyone knows a first-person shooter is the easiest type of game to develop so it’s natural that our companies first outing would be something so simple –nevermind the fact that the market is saturated with first-person shooters and arena shooters on top of that, one more isn’t going to hurt, business is about return on investment which means making the most by giving the least amount of effort. I’m running a business when I actually know nothing about it. Did you see those brown mountains with the little boat in the water? That became Law Breakers, are you shocked? We totally changed our minds halfway through the process but couldn’t shake the fact we had a whole team of talented developers and instead of making something ambitious, went back to grade school one.” What he doesn’t seem to realize is just simplistic his game is. I know nothing about programing and game design really but if you download the development kit for the Unreal Engine, guess what it starts you out with, a platformer like Mario, Sonic, or Earthworm Jim? How about a 3D platformer like Crash Bandicoot, nope, you guessed it, it’s first-person because anyone can make a first-person shooter, it’s among the simplest of games to make and he has a team of Veterans he claims so why make a game so generic, so pop culture, in such a saturated genre? That’s what this generation is primarily, back to the first-person shooter. On the business side, he thought the PS4 was a safe bet and thought it’s consumers were gullible but guess what, this isn’t Xbox. Sony have conditioned their gamers to play games with style and a gamble. Uncharted? Not your average game. Heavy Rain or now Detroit? No other games like them. LittleBIGPlanet? Nothing like it. Something Sony had that Nintendo hadn’t yet done and later followed suit for once with Mario Maker. I could go on and on while Microsoft always played it safe with sports games and fps games. Once Blezinski finds the PS4 isn’t profitable because gamers are suckers for that gimmick, he’ll go to Xbox, again, return on investment. He actually thought that Sony fans were that desperate but he launched way to late, gamers already played and are burnt out with arena shooters with Overwatch and Battleborne to name a few. When he goes to Microsofts camp it’ll sell 1) Because there’s nothing good 2) Those that own an Xbox One will buy into it with the mindset they’re sticking it to Sony and 3) Again, Microsoft likes to play it safe and fps games and sports games are always just that.