0°N 0°W – An Indie Game of Visual Auditory Stimuli Experience

0°N 0°W

Video games often present a certain aesthetic to them that helps the people who play them appreciate the game even more. There’s more to say on games where the main focus is the aesthetic design.

There is a lot to say about how the brain functions to external stimuli and the feelings we get when we’re exposed to it. A new indie game called 0°N 0°W effectively pronounced as “Zero North, Zero West” is an interesting game when brought to thought with this concept.

From the description, “surreal adventure of visual-auditory stimuli” definitely gives the vibes that 0°N 0°W aims to be somewhat of a meta experience.

The whole concept of 0°N 0°W seems to be somewhat inspired by another indie game, Yumei Nikki.

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“A cross country road trip strands you in a mysterious town lost amidst the towering mesas and swaying dunes of the great wild west. Will you beckon the glowing call of its lone storefront and embark on a fantastical multidimensional walkabout through space and time? Experience a beautiful environment where nothing is what it seems, a spatial labyrinth where doors always lead to different destinations, an anomalous zone where mass gingerly defies gravity, a universe of inspiration, of dreams,  of everything and nothing: experience 0°N 0°W.”[/alert]

Just looking at the pictures alone is somewhat of a bizarre experience in itself that piques the curiosity of those who simply take a quick peek.

In less sophisticated terms, the whole thing feels like you’re on an intense hallucinogen drug…without actually taking any drugs. It’s certainly an interesting concept that we do not run into often. It’s very much worth taking a look into. The whole atmosphere of 0°N 0°W seems to be somewhat inspired by another indie game, Yumei Nikki.

Zero North, Zero West is an indie game that is being developed by Colorfiction and is set for release this March 2, 2018 on Steam.

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