5 Games to be excited for at Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference

Even exclusives in the green side are also great. titles like Gears of War, Halo, Forza, Fable, and some more to mention are games we love on Microsoft’s Xbox One. It’s been a trend in the past few months that Microsoft’s Xbox team has gone through a closing and cancelling studios/games parade. Disappointing as it may seem, there’s still a bright light ahead for the green team!

With Project Scorpio on the way, we’ll likely to see a lot of surprises at Microsoft’s press conference at E3 (fingers crossed!). Perhaps a next sequel of Gears? Or another untitled project? Let’s wait for their press conference and see! If you missed our 5 Games to be excited for at Sony’s E3 Press Conference, read it here.

But with much anticipation of unannounced projects, recent ones that were revealed in last year’s E3 are also going to make a comeback on stage and at the convention too. So here’s the games at Microsoft’s E3 press conference that we’re excited to see:

5. GiganticIt may look like it’s heavily inspired from Battleborn, Paladins, and Overwatch, but this cartoonish team-based title from Motiga is an enjoyable title. Gigantic is not anymore published by Microsoft but instead through Perfect World Entertainment. Currently, Gigantic will still launch on PC and Xbox One, but there’s a likely possibility that it will also release on the PS4 or possibly the Switch in the distant future.

4. Forza 7The latest entry of the most successful racing franchise in the Xbox’s family of exclusives. With its performance gain on Project Scorpio, the game will look absolutely stunning especially on a native 4K resolution. There’s not much shown about its gameplay and featured vehicles, but it’s definitely exciting to check out its reveal at Microsoft’s press conference.

3. State of Decay 2From the likes of a linear survival zombie genre like The Last of Us and the upcoming Days Gone, Undead Labs open-world survival sequel of State of Decay is definitely going to be a hit. Dead Rising 4‘s disappointment may lead players to check out State of Decay 2 as it’s going to feature cooperative play up to three players!

2. Sea of ThievesProbably the most anticipated exclusive on Xbox One. Sea of Thieves puts you in the boots of a pirate on a first-person perspective and set sail on a ship with your friends and other players. It’s heavily based on multiplayer and that you can also raid another ship and battle out as pirates on the sea!

1. Gears Of War Project (likely to be revealed)

Gears of War 4 did end with a cliffhanger which hints a possible sequel. Halo is supposed to be the number 1 on this list, however, since 343 Industries already confirmed that it won’t reveal any next installment of the franchise. But Gears of War 5 is going to be another story-driven game similar to Gears 4 if ever they will announce it. We’re excited to see where the franchise goes — will it be the last battle against the Locusts? Or will it be the end of the world?