5 Games That Make You Feel Better

This game generation gives us all the feel of being a bad-ass. Also, games that are challenging but satisfying, like God of War, Dark Souls, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc. All these games make you want to rage and be hype. All those blood, gore, violence, sexual theme, and action-packed games are a thing now. You can’t help but be a part of the high energy vibe.

Sometimes we need to slow it down and transition ourselves to those games that are a bit soft and relaxing. Games that will make you feel better and chill. These games are the opposite of destruction; games that will make you smile, not because of the action-packed vibe, but rather of how the games make you feel soft inside. Here are top 5 of those games that will surely make you feel better.

5 – Proteus

Proteus will make you feel high, play it inside your room and wear headset for this game. This pixelated art style game is an exploration game created and designed by Ed Key and David Kanaga. The game allows the player to explore the world freely without any rules and disasters. All you need to do is enjoy the random generated world with its own flora and fauna emit unique musical signature while music changes in different areas. Weather changes as you progress, it also has a day and night cycle to feel the game when you explore further, animals react as you approach them and bushes moves when hit by the wind. The only thing you can do here is to explore and watch the world while listening to the wonderful and relaxing music of the game.

4 – Dear Esther

This is a piece of a visual interactive story-telling experience rather than a simple first-person game for me. The only thing you need to do here is to explore the world while listening to the narrator, no puzzle, no guns, no enemies, just the game world itself ready to be explored. The story  is about the narrators deceased wife Esther. When you are exploring the island, the narrator reads the letter for Esther; while exploring, you just can’t help but stop at a certain area just to enjoy the scenery of the island. The island is so lonely but it is surprisingly  relaxing, the music and the voice of the narrator really gives the chill vibe of the game. It may be like a horror game for you especially for those who haven’t played it yet, but once you step inside the game, you will really feel better for yourself.

3 – The Plan

This simple work of art tells us not only the story of a fly, but also our life. The message that is given to you with this game is far than I expected. Who can imagine a game about a fly that has no story, that has no mission or quests, that has no leads to where to go can be so unforgettable and relaxing. This game is short but a must-try, developed by Krillbite Studios, this game will make you feel better after.

2 – Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Charming? Check. Gorgeous? Check. Immersive? Check. Cute? Check check check! Yes! This game is cute but a beast in the industry. This life simulation game is one of the best games Nintendo has to offer. You start the game as the mayor, you have a huge amount of activities to do, though the story is not that captivating, the game world delivers everything you want to see in a life based game. From fishing to farming, from meeting other people or developing your town on how you want it. Animal Crossing never fails to make us feel better.

1 – Journey

This was an easy choice for me, as a PS3 owner, Journey was a game that made me feel that I was in a world where everything felt good. I played with headphones on and lights turned off. The experience I had with this game was unforgettable. You will be playing as an unknown stranger gliding and sliding within the sands to reach its goal, while you might be accompanied by other player entering the game. I felt relax after completing it, but was sad that I must finish it. The beautiful art design of the game was exceptional, the music of Journey builds the emotion and feel of the game. This is not for everyone, but if you want to try it then go, you won’t regret it.

How about you guys? Did you play a game that made you feel better? Please leave your comments below.