The Frozen Wilds Will Have New Skills And Weapons, Confirms Guerrilla Games

Guerrilla Games’ upcoming expansion for Horizon: Zero Dawn will be more than just a story expansion.

The Lead Writer of the game, Ben McCaw, has confirmed in an interview with OPM UK (December 2017 issue) that it’s not only going to be a new zone in the lands of Horizon Zero Dawn but more.

“What we’re seeing in the DLC is a border zone between the Carja and the Banuk, it’s a disputed territory, it’s a very dangerous territory. It’s also primarily inhabited by the Banuk, so there’s been a lot of back and forth and warfare between the Carja and the Banuk, who have kind of settled into this area.

With writing The Frozen Wilds we wanted to do all the things that the main game did. So we wanted to provide a new area, a new culture, but we also wanted to give Aloy relationships to delve into and ultimately a storyline that does what a lot of other quests in the game do.”

It’s going to be a bigger expansion as expected.

Horizon: The Frozen Wilds will be out on November 7.