Sony’s First-Party Studio, Quantic Dream, Denies All Accusations Of Being A Toxic Studio

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s first-party studio, Quantic Dream, denied all accusations of how unhealthy the environment at its offices as well as their head David Cage; thus consider these allegations as “plain ridiculous”.

Eurogamer reported that several French reports appeared only and pointed out that Quantic Studio has a toxic culture and work environment. The studio has made narrative-driven titles such as Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain. Their current project right now is the upcoming Detroit: Become Human set in a futuristic city of Detroit where androids are starting to understand the world they live in. The reports show that David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière have been pushing their developers at work. Find out more of about the issue by reading the full report written by Eurogamer.

The studio encourages the interested parties who are keen to understand and know the situation to read the responses by their Employee Representatives and Health & Security Committee. Cage and De Fondaumière stated that they do not tolerate such behaviors inside their company, and considers these allegations “grotesque”, “absurd”, and “ridiculous”.

Detroit: Become Human is steadily heading towards release this year, and this controversy can evidently affect the game’s reputation. Quantic Dream should handle this with care, and settle this before their upcoming game launches.

Source: Eurogamer