Nintendo Introduces ‘Labo’

When it comes to Nintendo, they have brilliant ideas when it comes to making things quite “interactive”. Last night, Nintendo teased about one thing that will make Nintendo Switch more interactive, and that’s with Labo.

In the reveal trailer of Labo, it shows that we take gaming to a whole new level – much better than wearing goggles or headsets. You get to make use of cardboards and transform them into whatever requirements the game needs. There are tons of creations that players can use with cardboards and a DIY kit will be released on April 20, 2018. This new interactive approach means that Nintendo taking full advantage of how portable the console is and how accessible the Joy-Cons are.

There are two kits available on launch: the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit. The former provides loads of fun activities such as fishing, motorbike, a piano, remote-controlled cars, and a house. While the Robot Kit is more of a whole body set where you have to suit up. It looks silly but definitely fun! The Variety Kit costs $69.99 while the Robot Kit costs $79.99.

This brings childhood memories back. Remember when you make one big box into a plane? Well, this is what Nintendo Labo is getting at.

Check the reveal trailer: