5 Video-Game Podcasts To Listen To During Your Daily Commute

If you love video games and podcasts, then what about listening to podcasts about video games? I’ve curated five amazing podcasts that are worth listening to, with content that’s insightful and hosts that are fun and entertaining that cater to our inner nerd.

What’s Good Games?

The all-female hosts are more than an hour’s worth of humorous banter, personal reviews, and technical insights. Their segments are separated per video game and are mixed with recent and relevant gaming news. They discuss, agree, disagree on different game aspects, and their perspective as part of the other side of the demographic spectrum is refreshing and provides a different take on games in general.

8-4 Play

We’ve heard the same games talked about in a lot of platforms, from youtube to online reviews. But 8-4 play takes a different approach and decides to talk about games that are based in Japan. It gives credit to a country that has contributed significantly to the industry as they are and will always be a strong influence in the general gaming industry, and 8-4 Play gives us content that champions that.

Gamers with Jobs

Like most of us, these are—as the name says—gamers with jobs. If you want conversations that are more mature, witty, calming, yet entertaining, then these guys will do the job. Gamers with Jobs is a podcast that’s relatable to gamers, like us, who are always on-the-go but would always spare a few minutes to hours on playing amazing games.

The Co-Optional Podcast

Youtube/Twitch stars, Dodger, TotalBiscuit (TB), and Jesse Cox, have taken their great group chemistry and entertaining deliveries to the field of podcasts. With individually established followings, their viewers and subscribers flock to listen to their insights and banters. They are on my five, not because of their already famous names, but because their experience in communicating with an audience makes them worth listening to.


One of the most popular gaming podcast, of course, is the show that discusses the classics and nostalgics. Retronauts has been one of the longest and because it discusses retro games in its entirety, it’s obvious why. If you want to listen to people talking and sharing their insights on the video games that started it all, then Retronauts should be on your podcast playlist.