Tekken Mobile Launches; Introduces New Character

Bandai Namco Entertainment has officially launched the first Tekken game globally on mobile phones – Tekken Mobile. This is going to be the first of the franchise’s entry to be released on Android and iOS. Beginning March 1, players will be able to redeem free weekly packs that contain in-game items.

The pack contents are as follows:
March 1: 2 Stars RODEO, 1 Revive Lvl 4, 1 Health Lvl 4, 1 Team Health Lvl 4, 1 XP booster
March 8: Random 2 Stars character, 1 Revive Lvl 3, 1 Health Lvl 3, 1 Team Health Lvl 3, 1 XP booster
March 15: Random 1 Star character, 1 Revive Lvl 2, 1 Health Lvl 2, 1 Team Health Lvl 2, 1 XP booster
March 22: 10,000 coins, 100 gems

There will be special events for the game’s launch month according to the publisher. These special events include boss battles and events specifically for certain character levels or elements. A new character, Rodeo, will be an exclusive character for Tekken Mobile which a story act is also included to give more background about the intriguing new challenger.

You will need to have an iPhone 6 as lower devices are not supported, and you need to have iOS 10 installed to run the game. Android users will need at least 2GB memory and Android 5.0 to run Tekken Mobile.