Nintendo Switch – Your Save Data May Be At Risk

The Nintendo Switch launched approximately about a year ago and so far it has been dominating the market with its impressive sales. It’s gotten relatively positive reviews and many people are quite pleased with the handheld gaming console being able to enjoy games such as Skyrim and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the go.

However, the Nintendo Switch has one glaring flaw that everybody should know about.

There’s no way to back up your saved data on the Nintendo Switch. No real way to secure it.

Unlike other consoles that can use memory cards, SD cards, cloud storage, or others, the Switch doesn’t have any of that. This means that if your gaming hardware gets damaged in any way, you are at risk of losing your saved data. And there is nothing more frustrating than being forced to start all the way from the beginning because of lost progress.

Nintedo of America’s President, Reggie Fils-Aime stated out last year that it was due to the Switch’s hybrid nature. “It’s not as simple as a piece of hardware that never moves and is always connected to the internet.”

However, Nintendo has had ways of being able to store data in their previous handheld gaming consoles such as the 2DS or the 3DS, which allows you to store data unto an SD card.


While there’s no mistaking that the Nintendo Switch is an awesome gaming console, Nintendo really needs to work on making sure that people who play it can store their saved files for safer progression.

For now, there’s still no real way to secure your saved files on Switch. You may, however, be inclined to take note from the below’s experience just in case.

A tip for anyone that needs to send in their Switch for repairs, but wants to keep their saves from NintendoSwitch

With this kind of risk looming in the air, potential lost saves can happen at any time for anyone. It can really be recommended to be extra careful with handling your Nintendo Switch and who you let use it.

Source: Marshable, Reddit