Xbox One’s PUBG To Release New Update to Fix Bugs and More

An update for Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds for the Xbox One is coming soon which aims to fix some bugs and generally improve the game according to Microsoft’s executive producer, Nico Bihary.


Here’s what Bihary had to say over at Reddit:

Hotfix Update (Patch 10) from PUBGXboxOne

So the update’s fix priority is as follows:

  • Revive Bug
  • Footstep/Single Fire Weapon Audio
  • B and Y buttons to be functional while in-game map is activated
  • Other handful of minor low risk fixes

This update is currently undergoing testing phases and the final version to be submitted for certification. As of now, there is no date when this update will take place, but we will keep you informed if they announce it soon.

Source: Reddit.