Deathgarden hoodied guy

Deathgarden Teaser Showcased By Developers Of Dead By Daylight

Game developer Behaviour Interactive recently released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming video game Deathgarden. It also shows what players should expect in the future.

Deathgarden will be multiplayer shooter

Behaviour Interactive was the one behind the survival horror game Dead by Daylight. The team’s new game will be a brutal asymmetrical shooter. Players can become powerful hunters or the quick runners that join a dystopian bloodsport. This will be a five versus one multiplayer shooter.

New trailer shows bits of info

The new teaser trailer of the video game shows a forest in the middle of a storm. A hooded masked person is restrained, while another hooded masked individual points a gun at him. The latter hooded person is heavily armored with the logo of the Thrill of the Hunt perk from Dead by Daylight.

This upcoming multiplayer shooter will be playable at PAX East soon in Boston. Players can sign up for the PC closed alpha tests at the official website.

Check out the teaser trailer below: