PUBG Corp Suddenly Drops Charges Against Epic Games

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer PUBG Corp. has suddenly dropped their legal charges against competitor Fortnite publisher Epic Games.

PUBG Corp. sends letter of withdrawal

The game developer sent their letter of withdrawal to Epic Games’ attorneys and the lawsuit that was filed in South Korea is now closed. South Korea is the home country of their parent company Bluehole.

The developer opened proceedings against Fortnite last month. They charged the publisher for copyright infringement, but their exact reasoning was unknown. They did say that it was about Fornite’s replication of the gaming experience for which their game, PUBG, was known for.

Issues with Fortnite

The concerns of the game developer were about Fortnite’s gameplay, UI, and structural replication. This was in regards to the similarities between the two video games. To make it more complicated, both Epic Games and Bluehole had an ongoing licensing agreement regarding about the Unreal Engine that Epic Games was using. PUBG was using it as well.

Epic Games did not give any statement about the ongoing litigation. The game developer’s people also did not make a comment right away.