Hear ye Hear ye all Strange Brigade fanatics, for Strange Brigade is about to get even stranger with an upcoming DLC! Yes you heard it right, A D.L.C! Thrice Dead is the name of the game and it’s out now and it already includes the 1st post-launch campaign. The new content will be the new beginning of a weird three-part adventure that will take the Strange Brigade team all the way to the eerie waters of the Mediterranean. What awaits them in the uncharted waters of the unknown? Probably more unknown stuff.

Here’s the trailer for the intro of the DLC:

While the adventure of the Strange Brigade team may be far from over, they get themselves a new and daring member in the name of Tessie Caldwell, the American Aviatrix. A pilot who knows that fear isn’t a part of their name (what else is new?).

For those who didn’t get the season pass of Strange Brigade, fret not for the developers will be giving away free content to those unfortunate souls. The game has been given a boon of 3 maps with the first two being score attack maps, The Towering Temple II and The Cursed Village II, and the last one, Tunnels, being a Horde Mode map.

Be sure to check out all the new content and prepare for an even stranger and weirder adventure with the Strange Brigade crew here with us.

Source: Strange Brigade