Apex Legends – Forge Says “Hello” and “Goodbye” in New Short

It appears that Respawn Entertainment has bamboozled us. A few days ago, the developers hosted a talk online to discuss the changes coming in Season 4. They particularly discussed the character “Forge” to be the newest champion coming in this season.

Today, they released a short video about an interview with the character, Forge. The man seems cordial–excited, even–to be participating in the new Apex Legends. And for a while, the audience was also expecting him to be the newest, upcoming Legend. Then he dies.

No, really. Check it out.

In an ironic dare to let anyone foolish or brave enough fight him in close quarters, Forge got his wish. Albeit, not in the way he wanted. Near the end of the video, Revenant creeps up behind him before stabbing him right through the chest. The video ending in the interviewer screaming in horror.

What a rather appropriate entrance for the mysterious and deadly character that is Revenant. Certainly, no other Legend came close to this kind of surprise. We are excited for a follow up to this and can’t wait to share more news regarding our new champion as soon as we can.

Are things ever really as they seem? Even now?

Stay tuned for Season 4 coming this February 4, 2020!