Marvels Spider-Man PS4 Rumored Coming To PS Plus As Free Game For June 2020

According to one report, it was revealed that an official online store has hinted that popular video game Marvels Spider-Man might be the next free game for PlayStation Plus next month.

Marvels Spider-Man next PS Plus free game?

The report came from the gaming publication Gaming Route claiming that the official PlayStation UK Store gave a hint that Spider-Man might be the next free game for PS Plus June 2020. A screenshot provided featured two versions of the game, one for standard and the other was the Game of the Year version. The standard version had the price, but under the numbers were the +Free label, which meant that it is going to be a free PS Plus game. The reporter also noted that when players try to check it out, it disappears.

This could be a bug in the system right now, or this was a freak accident that the coder forgot to change. Or this could be something Sony was teasing all along. Know this though: Spider-Man PS4 is now available on PS Now until July.

Again, take this all with a grain of salt. Sony has not confirmed anything about this.

Source: Gaming Route