2K Support Confirms It Got Hacked

Do not click on links from 2K Support for now.

2K Support has some bad news for folks who recently got a really suspicious email from them.

The guys from 2K Support have recently posted a new message on its Twitter account sharing a really important announcement for everyone. They have revealed that an unauthorized third party has illegally accessed the credentials of one of their vendors, in other words, they got hacked.

2K Support revealed that this unknown party has now sent some messages to certain players that contained a malicious link. They are asking everyone not to open any emails or click on any links that they receive from the 2K Games support account. If one did click on the link, they could be screwed or they could follow some steps in order to possibly get out of the situation.

Players are now asked to reset any user account passwords stored in the web browser. They must also enable multi-factor authentication whenever possible, especially on personal email, banking, or anything personal. They should install a reliable anti-virus program, and lastly check on their account settings to see if anything got changed at all.

2K Support has apologized for the inconvenience this has caused everyone. Currently, they are making sure everything is running smooth and scrubbing any other malicious scripts that got into the system.