343 Industries Will Continue Work on Halo Series Says Xbox

Other studios will help out if they want to.

It has been revealed that 343 Industries will still continue its work on the Halo franchise going forwards, but other studios could get involved to help out in development.

Halo Infinite had a bad launch, but it was not as bad as Redfall. Still, it was not the Halo game that fans were waiting for so the disappointment is still there. It is getting some new content now but the fans are now looking forward to the next entry already. With that, it seems Xbox still has faith in 343 Industries.

343 Industries Remains to Work on Halo Series

Xbox Game Studios Chief Matt Booty recently spoke with Axios explaining that the team at 343 Industries working on Halo Infinite is now different from the one that started work on the project. It is an all-new team that is suited to continue taking the series forward.

“I feel confident in the leadership team, but the team that got us here is probably not the same team that’s going to take us forward,” Booty said.

Other Studios Might Help Out

Booty insisted that 343 Industries will still continue to work on Halo, but other outside studios might get involved. When asked if he meant Activision’s Call of Duty team could work on the game, he did not rule it out, but he did say that it would not be mandated by Xbox management. The team will not be forced to work on Halo if they do not want to.

“If something like that were to happen, it would have to come from the studios,” Booty explained. “It’s unlikely that we would come in and dictate that from the top.”

Booty also thanked Head of Production Pierre Hintze for helping out. His previous success in turning around the disastrous launch of Halo: The Master Chief Collection makes him the best choice as the leader to take Halo where it needs to go in the future.