5 Anime Making Their Debut in Super Robot Wars 30

Meet the newcomers to Super Robot Wars 30

Since the reveal of the gameplay of Super Robot Wars 30, another set of mecha anime make their debut, joining in the fray. Fans are wondering who are these mysterious anime series that are joining in the latest installment. Well, we are now giving fans an in-depth summary of each of the new comers that are coming to the series with their full summary.

Here are the following new series joining SRW 30:

Brave Police J-Decker (1994)

The 5th installment of the Brave series. This one takes place in the 21st century where robot development has seen great advancements. But with great advancements, comes a rise in criminals using robots and incidents involving biomonsters, as well as other previously unheard-of disasters. To better deal with these threats, the police department decided to embark on the Brave Police project – building high tech robot detectives to counter these threats.

Mecha Units: Fire J Decker, Super Build Tiger, BP501- Shadowmaru and BP-500X Kagerou

Knights & Magic (2013)

The story starts with the death of a young software engineer named Tsubasa Kurata, who dies in a car accident. He is later reborn as Ernesti Eru Echavalier, now living life in a Medieval world where giant mechs called Silhoutte Knights are used to protect and fight off horrifying creatures known as Demon Beasts.

Pilots: Ernesti Eru Echavalier, Adeltrud Walter, Archid Walter, Edgar C. Blanche, Dietrich Cunitz and Emrys Geijer Fremevira

Mecha Units: Ikaruga, Tzendolg, Gordoleo, Earlcumber and Guair Custom

SSS Gridman (2018)

Yuta Hibiki, 1st year high school student who lost his memories, meets the Hyper Agent Gridman on an old computer and asks him to merge and fight together against Kaijus that appear out of nowhere in the city of Tokyo. With the help of his friends, Yuta embarks on a journey to uncover the truth behind these mysterious kaijus and disappearances of some of their friends and families.

Pilots: Yuta Hibiki, Sho Utsumi Rikka Takarada and Akane Shinjo

Mecha units: Gridman and GridKnight

Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative (2018)

After events of the Laplace Incident where the draft of the Universal Century Charter revealed where the existence of Newtypes have become known to the public, the world is largely unchanged despite these changes. From out of nowhere, a golden unit known as the RX-0 Gundam unit 3 Phenex appears and triggers both Zeon and Earth Federation to secretly launch separate operations to capture this rogue unit.

Pilots: Jona Basta, Rita Bernal and Zoltan Akkanen

Mecha units: Narrative Gundam, RX-0 Phenex Gundam and Sinanju Stein

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince (2013)

In the year 2110, humanity has expanded its frontier into space in its drive for new resources. Advances in genetic engineering research led to the establishment of the MJP (Military Junior Pre-Academy) project, which saw the creation of genetically enhanced humans known as the Evolved Children, developed with the intention of allowing humans to adapt to the new frontier. However, when Earth finds itself under threat by an alien race called the Wulgaru, human forces decide to have the evolved children deployed as soldiers to fight on the front lines.

Pilots: Izuru Itachi, Asagi Toshikzau, Tamaki Irie, Kei Kugimiya, Ataru Suruga and Ange Kuroki

Mecha Units:  AHSMB-005 Red 5, AHSMB-001 Blue 1, AHSMB-002 Purple 2, AHSMB-003 Rose 3, AHSMB-004 Gold 4 and AHSMB-006 Black 6.

These anime will make their debut on Super Robot Wars 30 on October 28, 2021 for the PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. More info about the series will be uploaded on their Bandai Namco Youtube Channel and on their twitter feed.

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