5 Reasons Why You Should Buy PS4 Pro Over Xbox One X

E3 has just recently ended and Microsoft unveiled its newest take on the Xbox One, the Xbox One X. What is supposedly the most powerful console of its time, Xbox One X boasts native 4K and faster processing. I really didn’t understand all the technical stuff involved with it and I believe even the audience themselves were bored to death with all the technical hoopla.

They just wanted to see what games would be running on that console just like I did. But I’m not here to talk about the Xbox One X. I’m here to talk about why you should get the PS4 Pro over the Xbox One X. Here I list five reasons why buying a PS4 Pro is better in the long run.


PS4 Pro – $399

Xbox One X – $499

PS4 Pro sells at $100 lesser than a brand-new Xbox One X. That alone is enough reason for you to get the PS4 Pro especially if you are on a tight budget. Some would argue, you’re already saving for a brand-new console anyway why not wait till you get a $100 more? But real life isn’t just about saving for consoles, it’s also for saving for other things and life in general.

Sure you can wait for until you can save up to $499 but when you have the cash in hand and you’ve been itching to play, the appeal of a cheaper console is that much greater. Even if you do have the cash on hand, buying the PS4 Pro would mean you could use the $100 to buy games to play with your new console. I mean why buy a console if you don’t have games.

Game Content

This is really depending on your choice of game content. For me personally, I have always been a PlayStation guy. All the games I follow have been released on Playstation. Some may have gone the multiplatform route but the amount of exclusive content on the PS4 have always been plenty. It’s true that the PlayStation have yet to do a proper Backwards Compatibility feature but they have been diligent in bringing back all the most popular games and refurbishing them in spectacular graphics.

With the launch of Crash Bandicoot and Shadow of the Colossus in the horizon, there are so many games to look forward to exclusively on the PlayStation. PlayStation has always been about games with great single player stories and to me as a gamer that’s what appeals to me.

Tried and Tested

PS4 Pro is already out in the market while Xbox One X is still to come this November. We have no idea what issues we might encounter when the console launches. I would say if you’re really eyeing the Xbox One X wait for a year or so to see if any bugs and issues arise and get fixed. PS4 Pro on the other hand have been out for awhile and has little to no issues when it comes to performance. Buying a console that has already proven its performance is a good thing to have.

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation’s subscription based service has been around since the PS3. This subscription has seen the release of quite a few number of games for free on the platform. If you’ve been a PlayStation Plus subscriber since the PS3, then you probably have picked up the free games throughout the years even the ones on the PS4. It is a good way to stock up your library of digital games once you have decided to buy the PS4 Pro.

With AAA games being offered as free on PS Plus. The one edge that PS Plus has over Xbox Live Gold is the cloud save feature. You wouldn’t have to worry about transferring your save files if you were upgrading from a PS4 because you can just download them through the cloud save.


PS4 Pro was made to be compatible with PS Vita as well. This means that you can have portable gaming on the go with Playstation’s cross-play feature. You can even play games on your PC with it. A PS Vita could also be used as an extra controller for when you ever need one more player. The Playstation has a library of cross-play games that you can enjoy with your friends who already own the Vita.

These are just a few of the reasons I believe that someone should buy a PS4 Pro but in the end it’s still up to what your preferences are. You just have to keep in mind what type of gamer you are, what games you are planning to play and who you are planning to play them with. With these in mind, this will ultimately help you decide which console is best for you.