5 Tips for Fortnite Battle Royale Beginners

A free game with lots of action, what’s not to love about Fortnite? This game puts Battle Royale as a genre on the map and gamers all over the world are jumping on the hype. If you’ve just installed Fortnite, then here’s a little bit of what you need to know to survive a barrage full of trigger-happy players.

Land Somewhere Far Off

Playing it safe doesn’t mean you’re being cowardice. It just means playing it smart.

You’ll soon notice that a lot of players jump closest to where the bus travels. They also try to land at named areas, where houses and buildings are close to one another. Sure, that’s a lot of loot, but there will also be a lot of players to slim your chances of survival. Go somewhere off-grid to a house furthest to where your parachute can travel. You’ll still get your loot and more as you travel back to the safe circle (if you’re outside of it). Gear up quickly and don’t worry, you’ll always find something.

Brave the storm

The storm may be your greatest ally as well as your greatest enemy.

The game is controlled by the storm, you’ll find a large circle on the map that means you’re in the safe zone. Outside of it is where the storm hits, and as time goes on, the storm gets smaller and smaller forcing players to be on close-range. If you land outside of it, don’t you worry you’re pretty little head because you have time. Pick some stuff up and carefully make your way towards the edge of the safe zone. Don’t get anxious that a storm is closing because even if it does some damage, it’s not going to kill you on the spot.

The storm makes a great ally because as you carefully travel to the edge of the circle, you’ll find other players escaping rapidly. Those are the players that fear the storm. Those are also the players that make such easy targets.

Patience Is A Virtue

Don’t rush, kid. You’re trying to survive, not running a marathon. Being patient, standing or crouching still, will get you to the top. Wait for the opportunity where an unsuspecting player happens to come in the building you’re in, then gank him quick.

Ganking is one thing, but make sure you know you can win, and you’ve got good aim. You can also wait it out, don’t rush to kill every possible player that comes your way. Observe the situation and pay attention to what this player’s got.

Gather Resources

Building is a unique feature and elevates the playing field in Fortnite. Gather stones, bricks, and wood because those will help you along the terrain as well as provide ample protection from bullets. It takes some practice to get in the quick building habit, but don’t worry, use a couple of games as testing grounds for how you’ll build things, let adrenaline take over at some occasions, and you’ll be able to get the hang of it. Practice building while jumping, practice building to use them as stairs to get high on up, practice creating forts.

Your Surroundings Are Your Friends

The environment will keep you safe. Don’t stick to open spaces, if you have to, tread carefully.

For example, In Fortnite, you can “bush hide.” It’s crouching while inside a bush. You won’t be seen as much unless someone with eagle eyes pays attention to the color, but it’s a great place to let patience take over. The world of Fortnite is full of bushes, it’s also full of buildings and mountains.

I once interviewed a General in the military for an article, and he told me that a soldier’s greatest advantage is knowing his surroundings. It means that you have considered and think that being on the high ground means you can see more, being near huge rocks can be good for protection, and hiding within grass is great camouflage. Be clever with your use of the surroundings and knowing these can also make you wary of how other plays will try and use it to their advantage.

So there you go, survive as long as you can in Fortnite, experience the thrill of going up against other players from around the world. It’s a learning experience so you’ll get the hang of it along the way. And hey, see you on the battlefield.