50 Cent’s Vice City Project Not Related to GTA At All

50 Cent did share some misleading hints causing a misunderstanding.

Popular rapper 50 Cent has now revealed his upcoming Vice City project but it is not what GTA fans expected.

50 Cent had recently teased his upcoming new project and gamers were quick to pick up that the hints were related to Grand Theft Auto. They were excited since it could be a clue to the upcoming sequel GTA 6. He posted the logo of Grand Theft Auto Vice City on his social media pages. He said that his upcoming project will be bigger than Power, a 2014 crime drama that he produced. He then closed the teases by saying that he will “explain everything later.”

After all the teases, 50 Cent then took down the posts and went silent.

Later, a report from Deadline finally revealed the true nature of 50 Cent’s new project. It was revealed that Vice City is a new Paramount+ original series that he was developing. He will be collaborating with John Wick Director Chad Stahelski for this project. It will be set in Miami City in the mid ‘80s and will follow three friends who were dishonorably discharged from the military. They then create a new heist crew to make ends meet. It was then confirmed by 50 Cent later on social media.

So, unfortunately, 50 Cent’s project has nothing to do with the upcoming GTA 6.

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