A bear with an attitude will arrive in May — Super Rude Bear Ressurection

British developer, Alex Rose Games, has officially announced the launch date of this challenging side-scrolling platformer, Super Rude Bear Ressurection. The game is set to be released on May 2 for PlayStation 4 and May 5 (May 6 for the Philippines) for PC on Steam at a “bearable” price of USD $14.99.

Super Rude Bear Ressurection is a hardcore platformer with a lot of surprises. You can use your corpse when you die as a tool to create a platform for difficult areas. And each time you die, the game eventually becomes easier to make it easier for players to beat the game when they’re having a hard time.

The plot focuses on a hero bear from East London called Rude Bear in his quest to stop his arch-nemesis, The Wizard. As he was transported back to the medieval time where The Wizard is hiding, Rude Bear will need to go through obstacles and bosses before he can get a head-to-head fight against his mortal nemesis.

Check the trailer out. The game definitely looks “hard”: