A major update coming for Dying Light 2 from Techland in just two days!

Techland sent us an interesting kit for us to uncover something for us to share with all of you about Dying Light 2. We all know we are DYING 2 KNOW more details of Techland’s highly-anticipated upcoming open-world zombie game sequel, especially the launch date.

The package we received had a message from that states:

“Hello, survivor! Remember Harran? Of course you do. But all that-that was just the beginning… now The City is our refuge, and it needs your help. Want to know more? You will, but you’ll have to hunt/ I had to hide the info – this place isn’t safe. Track down the clues and remember, it’s all for your eyes only. This message cannot fall into the wrong hands. You’re our last chance, survivor!”

You can see the image of that letter below:

Aside from the letter, we did receive a poster and a small UV flashlight — that means there are messages hidden within the letter and/or the poster. As we turned on the UV flashlight, pointed it at the poster, we did see some things:

A date shows that something will happen on May 27, 2021 at 9PM CEST, and that it’s going to be on Techland’s official Twitch channel: https://twitch.tv/Techland and a message says “Dying 2 Know”.

Now, there are some things we may know during that stream, and this is one of the big marketing push from Techland for Dying Light 2, we may get the launch date already! Who knows? We may be wrong, or we may be right. We believe it’s high time for Techland to announce that the game is done, that’s gone gold, and a set in stone release date.

Here’s what Techland sent us:

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