Activision Briefed by Nintendo on Switch 2 Last Year

New evidence confirming the Switch 2 is real.

A new report revealed that the Call of Duty creator Activision was actually briefed by Nintendo on its upcoming new hardware Nintendo Switch 2 late last year.

New emails released recently as part of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) vs. Microsoft trial over the Activision Blizzard deal revealed that a meeting was being prepared between Activision executives which included Bobby Kotick, and Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa. This meeting was scheduled for December 15, 2022.

The emails provided were heavily redacted, but they included a note from Kotick that got read in the trial. It gives a hint of what to expect when it comes to the performance of this next-gen Nintendo console.

“Given the closer alignment to gen8 platforms in terms of performance and our previous offerings on PS4/ Xbox One, it is reasonable to assume that we could make something compelling for NG Switch as well,” stated the note. “It would be helpful to secure early access to development hardware prototypes and prove that out nice and early.”

This is the best evidence that Nintendo Switch 2 is real and it is definitely in development. Previous reports reveal the same details as the one in the email, but there were other features like VR capability and more.

Nintendo has not made any comment to confirm or deny this new evidence.