Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp Became Playable to One Lucky Player

Such a lucky player!

A fan just got access to the complete digital copy of Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp that got delayed due to certain “world circumstances.”

According to Twitter user Killtheth, she paid 50 quid for the game and pre-loaded it prior to gaining access. Coincidentally, she did not know that the game got officially delayed by Nintendo due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine aka the world circumstance that the game company hinted of.

The lucky user loaded the game, posted some images of the opening and tutorial section. She notes that she is playing on Switch Lite. She posted images of the tutorial’s gameplay and more. The others who clearly knew about the delay were super surprised that she was able to play for some reason. Killetheth on the other hand continued to post images innocently on Twitter.

Killetheth also confirmed that Blue Moon is still available in the first few missions of the game’s campaign even though it is loosely based on Russia, which is controversial due to the war. It seems the developers are not going to make any changes soon.

The lucky owner of the game then realized she was the only one who could play the game. “will not lie, I did think other people had access to this and didn’t expect this tweet to blow up like it did lol… I’ve no idea why it’s letting me play, but as far as I’m concerned, I paid 50 quid for this so I’m going with it.”

No word on when the game will officially release on Nintendo e-Shop but it seems it will take a longer time to do so. Nintendo did say that fans should stay tuned for updates on the new release date. Nintendo also did not make any comments in regards to this “slip up.”

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