Agony Lords of Hell Announced

Succubus to receive free updates and paid DLC in 2022

Developer Madmind Studio has announced the latest game in their Agony universe, Agony Lords of Hell. The game shows the events that took place between Agony and Succubus, Madmind’s other games in the series. Currently, you can wishlist the game on Steam.


The game’s story focuses on King Nimrod and Vydijia, the main characters of Agony and Succubus, respectively, and their fates between both games. With the departure of the rightful rulers of Hell, a war for the throne brakes out. The lords of Hell amass armies of demons to slay the other rulers who threaten their claim. Our heroes will be forced to not only maintain their current position, but to also expand their empire and conquer enemy territory.

Drawing from its main inspiration, the Populous series, players will be able to develop cities as Nimrod and manage their army through Vydijia. She will lead Nimrod’s army to victory, and will be the key strategic element of every battle.

Kickstarter Campaign:

In 2022, players will be able to support the project using Kickstarter. And through their support, decide how extensive Agony: Lords of Hell will be. A demo of the game will be available to players supporting the game, which will allow them to get to know its unique world.

The first trailer of the game will be presented on December 16th, 2021, during MADNIGHT 2021: Horror Showcase.

Source: Press Release