Alan Wake 2 Planned To Be Released Soon Claims Actor

We might be able to go back to Bright Falls sooner than expected!

alan wake 2

It was revealed that the upcoming and most-awaited sequel Alan Wake 2 is going to be released soon.

This is according to the voice of Alan Wake himself, actor Matthew Porretta. He shared new details to the Monsters, Madness, and Magic podcast this weekend that he thinks Remedy is going to launch Alan Wake 2 this coming October 2023.

“I’ve been working and will be working more on Alan Wake 2. I think it’s supposed to come out in October, but I don’t know the exact time of that,” Porretta said in the podcast.

Epic Games and Remedy revealed that Alan Wake 2 was originally planned for release in 2023. After the first announcement, an update was revealed in May 2022. Remedy Creative Director Sam Lake revealed that development was going really well and deep in production. Since the voice actor of Alan Wake was confident enough to say the supposed release window, it seems development is going really well indeed.

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