Alan Wake Remastered Possibly Coming to Epic Games Store

Alan Wake

A new leak has revealed that the popular and terrifying survival horror game Alan Wake might get a remastered version in the future.

According to a Reddit user, this new leak has revealed the string Alan Wake Remastered on the Epic Games Store database. It was found on the website, EpicData, which tracks database updates for the EPS. Aside from the big reveal, it could even support cloud saves and possibly more new features.

This could be possible since there have been many remasters of popular titles and they have been pretty lucrative for the developers. Remastering one of the best horror titles of all time would make sense. Again, this could be nothing more than a false lead, but there is a possibility.

Also, take this with a grain of salt for now. Remedy or Epic Games Store have not officially confirmed that this leak is true.

Source: Reddit