Albedo Developed By One Man Developer

Inspired by 60s pulp sci-fi movies, Albedo – Eyes From Outer Space is a first-person adventure game. As John T. Longy, a night-watchman at a partially abandoned, secret research facility, you are knocked unconscious by a nearby explosion. Waking in the complex’s basement you look up and see a gaping hole in the ceiling. Escaping the damaged building is only the start of your troubles and as you begin to explore the base you encounter strange, unearthly organisms. Is this all because of some sort of biological experiment gone wrong? You’ll need to fight for survival as you unravel the mysteries and solve the problems that lie ahead.

Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space is the work of a solitary man. Fabrizio Zagaglia (aka Z4G0) was born in 1985 in Bologna, Italy. In the late 90s he was kidnapped by a visiting alien race and disappeared for five earth minutes. Subsequently he began to develop video-games on as hobby. Z4G0 was prolific, creating tons of different games; from sports to shoot’em-ups. Z4G0 claims he received a telepathic message from the outer space and began to work on Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space. Thanks to his alien skills, Z4G0 developed the game as one-man-team in less than a two years! Z4G0 likes rock’n’roll, pasta and beer. He’s not so keen on vegetable-like, man-eating creatures but acknowledges their existence.

Albedo – Eyes From Outer Space was launched on the Steam platform as an Early Access game. Over the past six months Z4G0 has continued to single-handedly develop the game, responding to community feedback and tweaking it where necessary. On March 27th Albedo – Eyes From Outer Space will exit Steam’s Early Access programme and be officially launched. Z4G0, however, won’t be heading off for a well-earned rest. In his spare time he’s been working on the console conversions and already has early versions of Albedo working on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Albedo – Eyes from Outer Space is available for PC and Mac on Steam and has a price tag of $14.99, €14.99, £10.99 –