Alice: Madness Returns Retro- Review – The World of the Shattered Wonderland

Alice: Madness Returns is a gore-filled spin off of Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Wherein, the young lady, Alice Lidell, finds her world spinning full of darkness and terror as her memories begin to plague her. Her mind tosses and turns, leaving nothing sane to survive. As she falls deeper into the hellish hole of her mind, she soon sees the world of Wonderland in shambles. She then has to save Wonderland as before the Doom Train tears it apart. Or else, it won’t just be Wonderland in shambles. Even her own mind, will never come back!

Alice Madness Returns Review
Source:Origins Store

After playing the game in the X-Box, this game has truly made its lasting impact. Even if it was removed on Steam, this game is still available on Origins if you want to buy this wonderful game. Still confused if you want to buy it? Well then, take it from me who has already finished the game on the Xbox One!

Graphics: Gorgeous

You can tell that the developers really put their heart and soul into this game. Every time Alice shoots down a Ruin, all the tar and dirt splatter on the ground as she unleashes her hysteria driven rage. It’s literally a sight to behold! The explosions from the Hobby Horse crashing on the ground, the shots from her pepper spray gun, the boiling effects after the tea from her teapot splashes on her enemies, and even the trails and effects of her Vorpal Sword (though, it looks more like a kitchen knife) really shines through the macabre world.

Personally, what caught my eye was how every single pixel in the macabre Wonderland wasn’t out of place. Everything lay in ruins and shambles; skeletons lay on the floor, blood stained the white marble chessboard, and the sinister gleam on the steel body of the Doom Train definitely gave the game an immersive experience.

Storyline: Awesome!

Unlike some games, this game definitely didn’t reveal who the villain was until the end. I sat at the edge of my seat, wondering if Alice would once again face the Queen of Hearts. But lo and behold, it was someone else. The story was filled with mind-boggling twists and turns as Alice searches for her memories. The game definitely reflects the macabre and bestial nature of humanity, revealing that even humans were capable of monsters. Those who were in professions for good happened to be the vilest creatures on the planet.

When playing through the storyline of this game, always remember what Alice said in Tim Burton’s rendition of Alice in Wonderland: Six impossible things. Count them, Alice.

Gameplay: Excellent with a bit of work

Alice: Madness Returns was great for the gameplay especially with the haunting music in the background. The puzzles definitely had me bamboozled and shocked, not expecting to have to play chess in Wonderland. Then again, it is Wonderland. It’s a world where even the impossible things become possible. Battle systems were terrifying though; you weren’t sure if the enemy was going to die yet or not.

Though, I wouldn’t suggest this game for those who have motion-sickness issues. It definitely can induce nausea which I learned the hard way. So, maybe limit your gameplay for like an hour or two?

Overall Rating: Awesome

For those who are looking for a gore game to start that doesn’t have opportunistic AI’s, this would be it. At the same time, if you’re a fan of the classical stories and want a darker spin to it, Alice: Madness Returns definitely meets the standard. Besides, if you also want training for the Triple AAA hack and slash games, this definitely can serve as an initiation game to help you ease into the mechanics.