Triple A Alien Game Possibly in Development

Is it finally time to get scared in space for the nth time?

A new rumor suggests that a new AAA Alien game is now in the works but the developer is still unknown.

It has been a long time since the super sci-fi horror hit Alien Isolation, which was released in 2014. Many fans have been waiting for a follow-up of the horror game as it was such a hit for the fans of the franchise. It was full of tension and the mechanics involved surviving against an alien lifeform whose purpose is to mince you to shreds and gobble the fleshy bits.

Now with this new rumor, hope has been rekindled for a sequel. There is a catch though that fans might feel to be a setback.

While this new rumor states that a new Alien game is in the works, and a triple-A game at that, it does not say which developer is working on it. There is another game in development called Aliens Dark Descent developed by Tindalos Interactive but it is a top-down real-time strategy game. It is not the same as Alien Isolation.

Another rumor reveals that there is a new project called Marathon. Media outlet Insider Gaming claims that their sources have documents that prove this is the new triple-A Aliens game in the works for current-gen consoles. It is expected to be released sometime in the holiday season next year. It claims to be inspired by Dead Space and Resident Evil franchises, which means it will be a survival horror game.

This rumor might mean that the next title could be the Alien Isolation sequel that everyone has been waiting for. Unfortunately, Creative Assembly has not stated that they are working on a sequel but did share a very interesting tidbit. They said they are working on two unannounced titles right now, which could hopefully be one of them is Project Marathon. While it is no issue if it will be another studio working on it, Creative Assembly already has the reputation and experience of developing a good survival horror game.