Aliens: Fireteam on Higher Difficulty Forces Some UI Options to be Turned Off

Cold Iron Studios Creative Director Matt Highison explains how UI options work on Aliens: Fireteam and how it is different in higher difficulties.

The Alien franchise has always been the sci-fi horror genre even on the different games that spawned through the years. In this game, it does not only offer jump scares, it also makes players feel the dread slowly creeping in as supplies and ammo get depleted and they do not know what kind of Xenomorph or Synthetic will be coming out from the shadows next.

This adds to how the difficulty increases in the game. Aside from that element, the UI options also come into play. While there are settings that can turn these options on or off, it will be different on higher difficulty.

“There are UI options to turn things on or off,” Highison revealed. “On higher difficulties we force it off. It’s a little bit different kind of fear there when you don’t see them outlined and when you have to rely on a motion tracker and more so on your fireteam.”

Imagine winning your first wave and you check your ammo and supplies are low and then you hear a ping on your motion tracker, but you do not see an enemy in front of you. That level of panic and fear will definitely be a factor in selling this game as a sci-fi horror title.

Aliens: Fireteam launches in Summer 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Interview source: GameSpot